Roagna’s 2014 Barolo Pira

Left alone, expectations manage themselves.

Other 2014 Langhe Nebbiolo’s I’ve opened over the years have been accessible, if not already ready. Other Roagna wines I’ve opened over the years have been soulful and delicious. Roagna’s 2014 Barbaresco Pajé exemplified both variables.

To learn more about Roagna, start with Luca’s manifesto, here. Then watch the video below.

Roagna 2014 Barolo Pira, $100 at WM

NOSE: plush fabric, the way the cat drapes her tail over my bare foot, her trigger. There are inviting suggestions of warm, root-crumbled mineral and red berry extract. Intuitive and easy to access. Layered. Seasoned. Comfortably worn.

MOUTH: The fruit is gathered and tense, like a wire in resonance with bedrock. Foraged flowers. Boeuf jerky,. Salted, relaxed tannins. I’m about to cook a Rohan duck breast. It’s been brining in oloroso. I might garnish it with some pecans and a wedge of blue cheese, the one Jarred left the last time he was here.

92 points.

TIME: now, after three hours open, and 1/3 into the bottle: glorious, sweet, floral perfumes. Long flowing robes of violets and roses. Teased with salt. Mouthwatering. An urgent drink of this new thing shows savory fruit rushing under the canopy of flowers.


Serravallian soil


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