Gold Cash Gold – Wine Spot

This is a draft of the new wine list at Gold Cash Gold, scheduled to debut this Tuesday.

The prices by the bottle are … how should I say … inconceivable. Take advantage of us.

I find humor in the juxtapositions, in the neologisms (vouvret!), and in the actual taste of many of these wines. If you never drank a wine and laughed out loud, maybe give some of these a try.

NOTE: do you have a wine you want to drink at GCG which is not on this list? Bring it in for a mere $20/bottle corkage. proceeds go to janitorial maintenance, insurance, glassware, rent, and to the base total for calculation of gratuity.


6 – HOUSE WHITE DRY ROSÉ – A good wine, naturally dry and ripe, versatile with food, and $4 during happy hour


10 – SAUVIGNON – Roc Meynard, Bordeaux Blanc
dry and mineral. pair with severity, bones and Plato.


9 – BIANCO, the PRE-GRIGIO – Verdicchio, Marchetti
the Italian white wine that taught white burgundy how to sass



12 – CHARDONNAY – Sonoma County, Lioco
Qualifornia’s original return to nature happened when Lioco was founded in 2005

9 – OYSTER – Muscadet from Domaine Branger.
the world is yours. DRY and fresh with notes of oyster-shell. pair with chicken salad and/or oysters.


9 – CHENIN – 2014 Chenin Blanc, Badenhorst Le Secateurs, South Africa
this is the exotic one, more dry vouvret than steen. unctuous, bright, quincey, and a trump card paired with brassica, crucifer, and cole crops


9 – DRY RIESLING – Von Buhl Jazz
i mean, it’s dry, but so is your hair.


6 – SWEET – Angels Tears. South Africa.
we searched and searched for a balanced sweeter wine. we knew when the search was over.




HOUSE RED – A good red, naturally dry and ripe, versatile with food – $4 during happy hour


PINOT NOIR – Gitton Bourgogne Rouge
this is not fruit punch. it deserves to be called wine. from the loire part of burgundy.


MERLOT – 2011 Tranquillite Merlot
ripe merlot qua merlot can take a little oak aging – gives it a nice toast and vanilla taste


MALBEC – 2012 Malbec Mogollon, Uco Valley Mendoza Argentina
actual estate wine from a colder part of mendoza. bold dark red. no need to over-oak this fruit. a good alternative to cab.



10 RHONE – 2012 Cotes du Rhone Chaume-Arnaud Le Petit Coquet
this is silkier cuz its from vinsobres and thats what the sand dunes do. and, because biodynamic.

Image 13 - Version 2

10 DOLCETTO – 2013 San Luigi Dogliani, Pecchenino
these guys invented great dolcetto – dolce meaning gentle. it does pair with seafood, and really anything this side of a bloody steak.

11 CABERNET – Broadside, Margarita Vineyard
can it be that we find ourselves suddenly stumbling over devoutly natural and delicious california wines? this possesses volumes of cab character uncommon from paso robles.


Rest of the list after the jump


Image 4

11 RUFINA – 2012 Chianti Rufina Selvapiana
roasty old gnarly sangiovese vines … clearly mismarked – in a rational market this would have to be $15 or 18.





Broadbent 5 year old Reserve Madeira
ben franklin – american hero – drank something almost identical to this every day. you should try it after dinner or, if you are speaking a romance language, maybe beforehand?


Late Harvest Zinfandel, Dashe Cellars
iconic very ripe native bloody red wine. after dinner only, please. and thank you.


Cava Brut, Can Xa
actual estate-grown cava, it’s true, and perhaps the best way to explain the shocking quality here.


Moonlight Mead, New Hampshire

perfumed and rare. new hampshire figured it out.



IMGP4948 - Version 2

25 – CAVA – NV Cava Brut, Can Xa
this is good. it is actual estate-grown cava; it’s true.

35 – HUET – NV Vouvray Pétillant, Domaine Huët
a feather pillowfight with only old windowscreens to separate the dandelions and dogwood.


50 – LP BRUT – NV Champagne Brut Laurent-Perrier


55 – ROSÉ – NV Champagne Brut Rosé, Jacques Copinet
we appear diligent when we mention that this is estate-grown champagne. muscular and serious, but champagne.


65 – MOËT – NV Champagne Brut Moët and Chandon
we tasted many bottles before we picked this one.


65 – TAITTINGER – NV Champagne Brut Taittinger
shout out to the 48216. taittinger is like LP or moët but more boyish and sinewy. taittinger is the remedy for champagne ennui.


80 – GRAND CRU – NV Champagne Brut Guy-Larmandier Grand Cru Cramant
sometimes the occasion calls for the best champagne you can get. we considered many. consider the oyster.


25 – DEMI-SEC – half-bottle, NV Champagne Demi-Sec Laurent-Perrier
throughout history champagne has been more commonly considered sweeter than today’s brut. it’s fashion. demi-sec is the paleo-avant garde.






27 – CHABLIS – 2014 Petit Chablis Seguinot Bordet.
razor sharp and built. a square-jawed, handsome chardonnay. let a glass of it soak up the warmth of the room and drink with fish.


27 – CHARDONNAY – 2013 Chardonnay Laguna Ranch.
throwback style. like 1992 again in the russian river valley. supple, big whole fruits like yellow apples and raw cream. pair with GCG burrata.


28 – ZIND-HUMBRECHT – 2012 Pinot Blanc Zind Humbrecht.
pinot blanc is never this ripe or expressive. perfectly dry, but with flavors more commonly found in wines marked “late harvest”. biodynamics!


32 – SANCERRE – 2014 Sancerre, Hippolyte Reverdy
quintessential sauvignon blanc. or is the latter now defined by new zealand? this was the racy, boney inspiration of daydreams hissing with gooseberry and chalk.


35 – GRÜNER – 2011 Grüner Veltliner Kamptal Terrassen, Bründlmayer
this drink is an image of autumn landscapes down the danube. paired with bone-in pork braises, kartoffel. the liquid is pure, dry green-fruited music and restorative.


37 – MEUR-um-LAND – Marland. 2013 Chardonnay, Lake Michigan Shore
jim lester’s wine. I thought it to be meursault, and a brilliant intersection of technique and terroir.


49 – RIDGE – 2013 Chardonnay, Ridge Montebello Estate
natural fermentation makes a difference with chardonnay. barrels as fermenters bring maturity to the wine. maturity in this case is ripe apples, raw cream, and muddled, curated lemons.


60 – VOUVRAY – 2009 Vouvray Molleux, Foreau, Clos Naudin.
what does “sweet” even mean? wingo: lilacs, pulpy green quince, and storage


79 – GRAVES – 2006 Graves, Latour-Martillac.
antique stony elixir. we asked Graves, and Graves said it should be considered among the elite 2 or 3 white wines in the world, along with grand cru riesling and montrachet. Graves differs from those by its organization and deliberateness. unctuous, with notes of tropical nuts, sweetgrass, and tangerine.


Image 3 - Version 2

90 – GEWURZTRAMINER – 2012 Gewurztraminer Clos Windsbuhl, Zind-Humbrecht.
a gewurztraminer by any other name is known for doing impressions of roses, but this is another thing.

105 – GRAND CRU RIESLING – Riesling Brand, Zind-Humbrecht.
the grandest expression of the grandest grape of them all. we like to drink it with charcuterie.






27 – RHONE 1 – 2013 Cotes du Rhone Chateau de Montfaucon
lirac as a red wine has been notable for its power, and yet this gets the balance and complexity just right.


Image 11 - Version 2

27 – MERLOT – 2012 Merlot Sonoma County, Sebastiani
when merlot is planted just in the right places it should produce a wine with a marked dark chocolate aroma, along with its more easily accomplished black berry flavors.

Image - Version 2

29 – BEAUJOLAIS – Morgon, Domaine Dupré, Le Griottier
we love this for many reasons. the fun and satisfaction. the sensations of strawberries and tea. the value. the thought-provoking complexity. do not miss an opportunity to pair this with GCG quiche on the lunch/brunch menu.

30 – PINOT NOIR 1 – 2011 Pinot Noir Bower’s Harbor, Nicholas Vineyard
there simply isn’t enough of this wine to make hyping it a good idea. lovers of oregon pinot noir and cote de beaune, testify!


30 – RHONE 2 – 2012 Chaume-Arnaud, Le Petit Coquet
this is silkier and more feminine than RHONE 1, cuz it’s from vinsobres and that’s what the sand dunes do. cherry liqueur, cinnamon greens, and iron-rich liquids.


Image 5

33 – WIND GAP – 2014 SOIF, Wind Gap (11.5 abv! <700 cases made)
sit down while I explain. oops, it’s gone. perhaps the lightest-bodied red ever to come from california. yum, though. it’s more than half valdiguie, a.k.a. “napa gamay,” 11.5% alc. ~700 cases made. shout-out to home boy joe salerno; he is working the 2015 harvest at wind gap.

34 – RED ZIN – 2012 Dry Creek Zinfandel, Forchini, Old Vine
red zin can be domesticated, or it can be allowed to rage forth with dark, dripping sensations of spice, berry reductions and bramble. this is the latter.


37 – BURGUNDY – 2012 Rully Rouge, Michel Briday
pale as a square panel of red stained glass. 100% pinot noir in its breezy glory. start the evening here.


Image 10

39 – PETITE SIRAH – 2012 Petite Sirah, Ridge, Lytton Estate
old petite sirah vines make very dark-colored wine. ridge vineyards makes very beautiful natural wines.

Image 8

41 – PINOT NOIR 2 – 2013 PINOT NOIR Willamette Valley, Haden Fig Cancilla Vineyard
omg omg! GCG locked up the supply of cancilla vineyard wine! we can brag about this, right? it’s oregon, but with a certain degree of brooding energy derived entirely from the vineyard.

Image 7

44 – SICILY – 2010 Cerasuolo di Vittoria, COS Pithos
this is so pretty and so powerful. a mixture of nero d’avola – for structure and grounding – and frappato – for berryish lyrics. all fermented in terracotta pots the size of barrels. a famous example of natural wine.

45 – TEMPIER – 2011 Bandol, Domaine Tempier
it’s in the canon, deservedly. there is a kind of innocence to the dense, sticky blackberry fruit which holds its shape along a contrasting sensation of sappy bramble. appropriate with many diverse foods, but its utility with beef and lamb is noteworthy.


63 – BRUNELLO – 2010 Brunello di Montalcino, La Palazetta
less opaque and backward and more charming than many other estimable 5 year-old brunellos. here it’s all about the aromatic intensity and the overwhelming unfurling of fruit and spice on your palate. red berries pressed between bay leaves and hands of tobacco.


Image 2

65 – NAPA CAB – 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley, Chappellet Signature
a polished granite-smooth and dense black colored classic. use this drink to stand on pritchard hill just for a moment.

Image 14

67 – BAROLO – 2010 Barolo, Andrea Oberto
our friends at chambers street in nyc turned us on to this precise and elegant barolo. the bouquet is as intoxicating as a den of poppies. the body is an elegant sculpture.

Image 6

75 – BARBARESCO – 2009 Barbaresco Asili, Produttori di Barbaresco
hard to believe this was even available. see the Barolo above for linguistic color.

Image 9

75 – CHAVE – 2011 Jean Louis Chave Domaine St. Joseph
syrah from its home base, grown by one of the stars of the wine world. the fruit profile is black/blue and the mineral flavors are its foundation. meat eaters, opt for organs and extremities!

Image 12 - Version 2

79 – OAKVILLE – 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville, Groth
hands down? one of the best napa cabs, carefully classic. big. balanced. satisfying.

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