Wine List Theory vs. Practice

I don’t wish to embrace with a link so much hate and insecurity, so let me link to one of the more reasoned responses I have read.

Here is mine:

Birichino, naughty

who has the right? cult of the winemaker cult of the artist. uppity servant classes.

uppity unlettered unserious wine drinkers

our club, its codes

ESPECIALLY in california where the abuse of words are par for the course: Demeter. Varietal. HEARTY BURGUNDY.

dining out: anxiety

going to a movie or a play : anxiety

author author! regisseur. yes chef! (internalized hierarchy popularized)

play. surrounded by riches. don’t act like your hobby is reduced in any way by someone violating your rules. you can still have your rules.

winemakers have the right (even duty) to withhold their bottles, especially when the judgment is related to the ultimate gastronomic experience. (withholding wine to manipulate the market is less excusable, but since its impossible to separate these, let each decide.

this is like kindergarten. andy warhol is being shamed by a mob of children enforcing general rules of stick figure composition.



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