Rhone and Biodynamic


Short Name: Red Rhone
Full Name: 2012 Le Petit Coquet
Producer: Domaine Chaume-Arnaud
Geography: Southern Rhone Valley, France
$10 glass, $30 bottle
Varieties: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, etc
Description: Spiced berry reductions with silky tannins. Analytically it is perfectly dry; but allow a sample to anyone looking for “sweet red”? Take a poll and share your results.
Comparables: I’ve always thought this kind of wine had something in common with jammy old-school red Zinfandels, though it is more elegant than that. Also there are both organoleptic and deep historical comparisons available to big-ticket biodynamic red Burgundy from a warm vintage (when was the last time YOU drank DRC Echezeaux?) and, by extension, ambitious too-ripe New World Pinot Noir.
Pairings: Forgiving with a lot of foods. It might overwhelm the more delicate and lunchable choices. Stews and meats are the strike-zone, but it works good with the cheese course and fried chicken too.
Interesting Technical Facts: This estate is certified Biodynamic in France. Legalities aside!


2 thoughts on “Rhone and Biodynamic

  1. It would probably be certified biodynamic in the U.S., too, if importers wanted to pay Demeter USA their extortion fees! I’d be interested in your opinion of Valerie’s other wines.

    • I have adored all wines I’ve ever drank or dealt from Chaume-Arnaud, probably dating back to the 1999 or 2001 vintages …

      I sense a conspiracy – follow the … money? … I guess.

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