Shiraz or Syrah

This is part of a series of posts about the wines offered at Slows BBQ during the summer of 2015.

IMGP4255 - Version 2

2012 Syrah-Malbec, Ancient Peaks, Renegade

This is the other jammy red (see the Zinfandel) except here, the predominance of Syrah makes the jam taste more of blueberries, licorice, vanilla and smoked bacon fat.
-the menu

Shiraz is just what they call Syrah in Australia. The use of one term or the other may imply something about a wine’s style. The majority of Shiraz from Australia is jammy, verging on sweet, robust and infused with vanilla flavored oak. It’s antithesis is Syrah from southern parts of France where the climate and custom produce wines leaner, more acidic, and earthy.

Ancient Peaks Renegade is somewhere in the middle. (We can call it Shirah if you want. Or Syraz.) It is certainly a “big” wine with big sweet alcohol and big tannins. That’s what hot dry growing conditions produce. But for such a big wine there is complexity too, with a decisive grip of tannins, thanks in part no doubt to the proportion of Malbec in the blend.

And this is a great Paso Robles wine estate, with interesting geology and a commitment to do the most with it.


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