Pinot Noir

This is part of a series of posts about the wines offered at Slows BBQ during the summer of 2015.

IMGP4242 - Version 2

2012 Pinot Noir, Bourgogne, Vincent Thomas, Clos de Baccarat

This is like the Chablis of Pinot Noir, impossibly light-bodied and scented of tea, tart cherries and black minerals. Strictly natural farming and cellaring practices make it a hit with BBQ.
-the menu

This blog has previously written about this wine.

Did you only drink this a few months ago? Try it again. This is an example of how context can dramatically change one’s experience of a wine. In the cold winter months, this Pinot Noir was entirely made of structure – tannins, acids, fruit skin flavors, stems. In July the structure is overwhelmed with sticky ripe fruit sensations – strawberries, tea, root beer, cola, cherries.

This will be a common theme for the Summer 2015 reds. The higher the temperature the sweeter the wine. Some wines are more suitable for this condition than others. More on temperature here.


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