Chilled Red

This is part of a series of posts about the wines offered at Slows BBQ during the summer of 2015

IMGP4241 - Version 2

2013 Schiava, Cembra

Think of this as a dry rosé; the distinction is more technical than tangible. Grown in the Italian Alps, the flavors remind us of roses, crushed berries and hazelnut breezes. An absolute knockout with pulled pork bathed in NC sauce.
-the menuI

Slows decided to keep and serve this wine in a chilled state even before the importer offered the same suggestion. First, it is pale enough to be mistaken for a rosé. Second, the next few months will be warm ones, and if you calculate the temperature of a refrigerated wine when it makes contact with a guest, it will be somewhere around 50 degrees F. That’s perfect in July.

In the 10 years Slows has been exploring the virtues of pairing wine with smoked pork, there has never been a better match than this. As sweet-natured as the wine itself is, the interaction with porky flavors brings out a savory bitterness in the wine that is gorgeous.

Schiava – say: ski Ah va – originates in the Tyrolean Alps. (Also see 2013 Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio.) This grape variety was thought highly enough 500 years ago for German growers in Württemberg to adopt it for their farms where it became known as Trollinger – a version of Tyrolinger.


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