Grow Man Sang

This is part of a series of posts about the wines offered at Slows BBQ during the summer of 2015

IMGP4236 - Version 2

2013 Gros Manseng, Domaine Chiroulet, Cote d’Heux

Delightfully difficult to describe in words. Grassy peaches and bruised pears. Dry AND not dry. An alteration of white wine assumptions. Certainly this is the finest Gros Manseng we’ve ever tasted.
-the menu

It’s been several weeks now and my head is still spinning.

Wine nerds will know Gros Manseng as a constituent in three items: 1) Armagnac, a brandy, which is enjoying a big surge of interest, 2) Dry white Jurançon wine, a scavenger’s trophy, and 3) cheap dry white wine known as Cote de Gascogne.

Technically this belongs to the third category, but one taste of it and these categories begin to resemble idiocy.

The soil is privileged. Yields are low. The fruit is harvested at a high degree of ripeness. And it is allowed to age patiently on its lees. All of this makes for a white wine that has more in common with fine white Burgundy or Savennieres than it does with other wines from this region.

Collectors. You should consider purchasing a case of this – yes from Slows – and keeping it in your cellar for 3-10 years.

Read more about Chiroulet here. And drink a glass of this wine!


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