Champagne City

Is the cost of living in Detroit high or low? And compared to what? Living requires shelter and transportation, certainly, but it’s in the specific that these costs are decided. What shelter; what mode of transit; how do these trade off, and how do they trade off with other essentials?


Living also requires Champagne. Really. And in Detroit it is sold for a fraction.


Forty-four dollars a bottle, with good company, a wine that took more than four years of hand work to produce, something impossible to simulate, and the manifested narration of Enlightenment gastronomy. Champagne pervades every great restaurant.

Do you think you don’t need Champagne? True, without Champagne you might wake and sleep, your metabolism might function and you might convert work units at a job. But is that living? What is the cost of not having Champagne? I look at my friends who love Champagne: Jessie, Dave, Lucy, Karla. They each seem to be tapped into some natural force, spontaneous, exemplary, and durable.

When dreams are ordeals, when one’s feet shuffle instead of walk, test this diagnosis: low on Champagne syndrome.

If you got a wish, wish it.


Cordon Bleu predates Cordon Rouge. This was the same Champagne served with Chef Josh Stockton’s epic charcuterie for the summer 2014 Write-a-House fundraiser @ the firehouse.

Full Name: Champagne de Venoge Brut Cordon Bleu
Producer: de Venoge (de ven OAZHE)
Geography: Champagne, France
Varieties: Pinot Noir 50%, Chardonnay 25%, Pinot Meunier 24%
Description: Dry, biscuit, apple and nougat sensations. Lingering.
Comparables: Champagne, of course.
Pairings: Absolutely utterly everything that is food. Everything.
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