But it’s Pomerol

If the English empire left a controlling impression on the Bordeaux wines of the Left Bank, it was the Belgian elites that imposed their selective tastes on the wines of the Right Bank. Left Bank Haut-Medoc (including its Margaux, Latour, and Lafite) contrasts with Right Bank Pomerol as roast beef contrasts with beef stewed in mustard and leeks, as cod contrasts with mussels, and as cheddar contrasts with gratin. Pomerol and Lalande de Pomerol are less rational wines and more ruled by mother earth, flavored of her gravel and clay. Merlot is its canvas. The Cabernets are its preservative. 

Over the past 100 years this domaine has been regulated variously as Pomerol, Lalande de Pomerol, and Neac. It is hand harvested with an average vine age of 30 years and non-irrigated. 

A tri county exclusive of Gold Cash Gold. (Exclusivity is not correlated with quality, but when they do exist together, that is an accomplishment.)

IMGP3984 - Version 2

Full Name: 2010 Lalande de Pomerol

Producer: Chateau Vieux Chevrol – Jean-Pierre Champseix
Geography: France, Bordeaux, west-southwest, Atlantic influenced climate
$13 glass, $44 bottle
Varieties: Merlot 80%, Cabernet Franc 10%, Cabernet Sauvignon 10%
Description: Dark scented, oaked, mushrooms, violets and cassis, focused. Thought-provoking.
Comparables: Bordeaux, Merlot, Meritage, Washington red, Cabernet Sauvignon
Pairings: Lamb! Beef. Cheddar. Caution: while PORK is edible with a glass of this wine, it can never be one of its best pairings (see Sablet, Pinot Noir and Morgon). Never serve with fish!



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