Little Cakes

According to Wikipedia, a distinguishing feature of flour tortilla is that it is
“less easily broken due to its high gluten content, and can be made larger in circumference and thinner without breaking too easily.”

Flour tortillas are bigger and more durable. They hold more stuff and can be folded up into a complete closure. As work moved from farm and country to city and factory, this quality was more strongly selected. Take the equivalent of three taco fillings with sides of beans and rice and wrap it all up in one container. Burrito!

I am currently researching the various prepared burritos available in southwest Detroit. The topic is more expansive than I anticipated. Regionalism meets the leveling contingencies of street life in a northern border town.

Some burritos have french fries wrapped up inside.

Some burritos are made with over-cooked eggs.

Tell me your burrito story. Leave a comment!


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