Top Ten Detroit-on-a-Budget Things

10. Biking – it’s flat. There are lots of legacy traffic rules that apply to cars – now absent – but don’t apply to bikes, which are numerous.

9. Housing Prices – cheap.

8. Wayne State – big pedestrian mall with libraries. And it’s free to visit!

7. The time I found $16 cash on Russell Street.

6. The DIA – free!

5. Underserved or unexploited. Go make something.

4. The river walk. A brewery at one end, with $2 Tuesdays. Mexican Town at the other, with $1.50 tacos

3. Dabl’s African Bead Museum

2. The Happiest Hours (Roast) and Brunches (PJ’s, Harmonie Garden) and Industry Nights (Slows).

1. Really good looking people, especially the women!


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