Soucherie Anjou. Zoo sherry on jyou. Food wine? Sure. If the food is nightshade, especially. Or drink it. Or laugh uncontrollably until it shoots out your nose. I think this is what Mary means by “Dry” when seeking a drink of red. The tannins are coiled up and enforced by tart redcurrant methods. I put this in the Drink category.

Faillenc Sainte Marie bottles the most amazing rosé. This is the red. Brooding abundant Corbieres/Mourvedre character is chewy like a treebark marinated in cassis and rare hamburger juice. Its full-spectrum ripe. It’s rustic and ripped. Serve it with chivo.

Vietti’s new Dolcetto is expectedly polished and simple. If it ran for class president it would come in third place, so, it would be the treasurer? At the end of the year there would be just enough money to buy a keg of bilberry juice and a carton of thin cigarettes. We can borrow your brother’s van.


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