Clos Cibonne


Wine trade people of Detroit. Please get these wines from Little Guy. And call me. They retail for about $26. I used to seek them out when they were only available at Chambers Street in NYC. (There the pink one sold for closer to $30.) They are fantastic!

Evaluating wine by taste testing is fraught with difficulty. Often the most immediate charms don’t hold up in a more natural drinking session, by the glassful or by the bottle. And sometimes a truly great wine can appear immediately to be rather more plain and simple than it really is.

Experience tasting does not necessarily help with this. In fact it can be an impediment. Confidence and ego are fools.

Tibouren is an heirloom grape variety that is synonymous with this restored great estate. The pink wine is patiently aged. The red wine has the most beautiful ripe, linear tannins. Both offer the sort of fruit and spice sensation that is somehow both novel and deeply familiar.

I need to drink these. Everyone does.


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