A Pair of Glasses

Back in December when it was getting darker by the day I made eyewear the subject of one of my scavenger hunts. I decided they should keep snow and rain out of my eyes, in the dark, with generous peripheral vision, and be resistant to fogging up.

This is what I came up with:


They cost a mere $15 at Showtime. This store opened in 1989 when I happened to be living around the corner on Cass. I remember wandering in during its first week. The weather was pleasant, the door was open, and there were racks and racks of clothing inside.

This is Showtime on a Sunday morning in February 2014:


The glasses worked out even better than I hoped. They are big enough to shield seasonal watery projectiles. They aerate and keep clear. The lower part of the lenses are un-tinted, so I can see hazards related to the road surface. The tinted part cuts down the glare of lights at night.

Riding a bike in light snow-cover is pleasant. On streets that are salty and wet there is usually a certain edge on the trail of traffic lanes where the snow absorbs the splatter and the noise. I think the air warms up a little too.


Maybe my favorite street to ride is Second Avenue from Temple to Warren. Its one-way, a million lanes wide, and devoid of traffic. I don’t expect this quality to survive the coming wave of development in the area, so I mean to enjoy it now.

Development in the news often seems to arouse a chorus of scorn and hostility. Regardless of the rational merits for resisting such change, I have come to believe that this is also an expression of something deeply irrational.

Here on Detroir we welcome contradictions. And we embrace the irrational.

So hating on hipsters is allowed, even though we are hipster. Self hate isn’t necessarily neurotic, especially if it improves the performance of our bubble. In that way hating Detroit is part of the essence of Detroit. Whole Foods nourishes hate for Whole Foods.

So what do we love?

You. Hipsters. And Hipster haters.

One love. All.


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