Ape Regards His Tail

I’ve always wanted to be a propagandist, so that I could poke fun at propaganda.

Poking fun at propaganda is a good way to smuggle propaganda in.

Mad Magazine influenced more than one generation that way. So did Devo.


Twist away the gates of steel

Unlock the secret voice
Give in to ancient noise
Take a chance a brand new dance
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Minimalist Gastronomy

Small batch Kentucky soy sauce on an avocado. Eat with a spoon. Can you follow that recipe?

Labor Love

“Tip your server” is something a server would say.

People who sell better foods and drinks tend to earn less than the primary consumers of better foods and drinks.

Consuming better foods and drinks is a useful tactic to better represent and produce them.

In order to enter the market as a consumer, these laborers might explore alternative ways to shift or minimize the other costs of living – no kids, no pets, no car, minimized housing costs.

Is this poverty or wealth?

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Bourgogne Battle

Two years apart and geologically divergent. Priced nearly the same.

Frederic Esmonin is more conventional than Sylvie. This drink is skin ripe and as tart as expected. Spoof vigilantes might find evidence of chaptalization, the effect being a clean fruit profile, as simple as it is appropriately varietal. We want this with baked potato, butter, and cooked mushrooms.

The aroma and taste of aloe, or agave, is a marker for me of natural red wine fermentations in the Loire watershed. Chemically this blends with a suggestion of mushrooms, serving to complement the edgy sour berry sap typical of the terroir. I seem to recall that diligent mustard wines – or Moutard-Diligent – are grown in the Yonne Department, which would explain all of these flavors. Steer the food pairings here in the direction of slower braises, earthier cheeses, and weirder companions.

Detroit Week Wine

The snow is melting and pooling on the side streets. Entrepreneurs with wet shoes are priced into the market. Sanctioned as Rosso, this wine demonstrates the forthrightness of redness rather than the scented turf of Vino Nobile.

Poderi Sanguineto 2011 Rosso di Montepulciano


Announcing The Winner


As you can see at the top of this page I have selected a name for this blog.

“Detroir” is a double entendre, one highbrow, one lowbrow.

First, the fancy one. It’s a portmanteau of the words “Detroit” and “terroir.”

Detroit is where I live an actual dreamlike existence, pedaling around on my Cannondale Hybrid, sipping from the gastronomic and other cultural waters that course through this place. Of course we are located on a literal river here too, and I hope this doesn’t sound too proud, but its kind of an important one. Waters and thirst are to be included in this discussion.

Terroir is a French word that doesn’t have a suitable English translation. This makes it also an English word.

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A joke wine that is delicious. Frank Zappa solo, meaty, substantial, sticky with sweet berry vibes, trippy, irrational, commercial, medicinal, shroomy.